What’s With the Name?

Why, “Not Another Teen Mommy?”

Is it meant to be a statement, as in “No More Teen Mothers…!”

Or a declaration of difference, as in “I’m not just another teen mommy”

Nope. None of the above.

I’m actually technically no longer a teen mother, nor do I believe I am any different than any other young woman who may have ventured into motherhood a little earlier than the rest. Once you become familiar with my writings and advocacy work, you’ll realize I in no way believe that young parenthood is the worst thing that can happen in life. In fact, I believe that in many cases (such as mine), it just might be the BEST thing.

How’s that for a politically incorrect statement?

So what’s in a name?

I began writing this blog soon after MTV launched the spin-off to it’s popular show, 16 & Pregnant. (Teen Mom, and Teen Mom 2). At the time I wanted to share my experiences as a young mother, as well as my thoughts on various other subjects and issues. I chose this name because I’m a big fan of movie spoofs (such as Not Another Teen Movie). I love satire. I love laughing. AND through this, and other ¬†experiences, I’ve learned to laugh at myself & all my life adventures. Because I’m undeniably scattered, inherently clumsy, and unabashedly awkward.

So there you have it.

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