What is #NoTeenShame?

#NoTeenShame is a movement led by 7 young mothers to improve strategic messaging campaigns and conversation around young parenting in an effort to create non-stigmatizing & non-shaming approaches to collaborating with young families, while highlighting the importance of comprehensive sexuality education.

What are our goals?

To bridge the gap and bring solidarity between non-parenting youth and parenting youth as we all fight for the right to make our own healthy decisions while highlighting the importance and effectiveness of comprehensive sexual education without shame

To advocate for young mothers and young fathers and their rights to make their own healthy decisions for their families

To elevate the reality of empowered parenting to shift the perception of and maintain high expectations for the children of young parents

To foster synergistic relationships between young parents and organizations

To encourage the use of positive images of young mothers, young fathers, and their families to challenge the stereotype of teen parents within teen pregnancy prevention strategies

You can check out more about us here:


And here:



Or here:


Or on YouTube:


Who are we?

We are Gloria, Lisette, Jasmine, Marylouise, Consuela, Natasha, and Christina (me).

From top left: Marylouise, Lisette, Christina, Consuela,  Gloria, Natasha, & Jasmin

From top left: Marylouise, Lisette, Christina, Consuela, Gloria, Natasha, & Jasmin


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